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Government Employees

9713976558_ea70ec5ff1_bFrench language training is delivered by Lexicum to Federal Government employees preparing for their Second Language Evaluation tests – whether for oral proficiency, written expression, reading comprehension, or all three.
Our French language training has a specific goal of enabling the student to obtain a high level in the second official language of CBB of better.
Our methods will be of assistance to the student  to achieve effective writing, speaking and understanding the French language. Learning and the practice are the core of this training and will enhance the trainee’s knowledge, building a deep understanding of the French language. The course enables any student to have thorough knowledge and allow them the different levels of evaluation. Convinced of the expertise of our French teachers and their teaching of French as a second language, their ability to transmit knowledge from writing, reading and oral interaction, to the skill set use in a professional environment.
Lexicum creates a tailored training plan that includes the government PFL2  to help you get your BBB, CBC or CCC levels.
With our high-quality, communicative approach to learning French, we are confident that you will save yourself and your department time, effort, and money. Our highly experienced teachers will accurately estimate the time required before you can reach your desired level.

Preparation for  level B 6 steps to achieve at least BBB
Preparation for level CBC/CCC
Preparation oral level B or C Preparation for the Oral Proficiency Test
Language maintenance Maintenance Program